Consentio already has a long history

Consentio, formerly known as "Webfruits", looks back on years of experience.

At the beginning Webfruits was a project aiming to gain more knowledge about Perl and Content Management Systems. Initially there had not been any professional projects. Soon the need for simple tools to manage a website arose. The product-name of the first generation was programmatic: "Webfruits simple".

After six months the CMS, originally created for publishing news, was introduced in 1999. Ever since then the system has been developed gradually.

In 2004 IMB Webdevelopment was founded. Simultaneously Webfruits launched version 2.0 ("The Grapes of Web"), which was a complete rebuilding of the former version. It now focuses on a solid page-management. News and web shop have become flexible features, which can be added if required.

Webfruits 2 features a Model-View-Controller based Framework which provides effective, simple and smart web development.

Core-capabilities and plug-ins have been adapted to the today’s demands and technical development.

In 2013 Webfruits was renamed Consentio due to trademark issues.

In 2015 Consentio 3 ("McCurdy") was re-launched as a completely new product — this time developed in PHP.

Times and Logos are Changing...

Webfruits 1999

The first Webfruits-logo of 1999

Webfruits 2003

... in the year 2003

Logo ab 2007

and 2007...

Consentio 2013

... until 2013 as Webfruits became Consentio.